Green Moor Primary enables trainee teachers to engage with workplace scenarios from which they are normally protected on teaching practice. Those scenarios cover a range of complex issues that have no correct answer and, as such, enable trainees to develop deeper understanding of their professional responsibilities in a ‘safe’ virtual environment.
For example, one of the scenarios involves a ‘meeting’ with an angry parent, enabling trainees to exercise professional judgement so that a good outcome can be achieved rather than one where the situation spirals out of control. On teaching practice, it is highly unlikely that trainees would be able to engage with such a highly charged situation because it would be dealt with by a more experienced member of staff. As such, these scenarios prepare trainees not just for their roles as classroom teachers but for leadership and management roles in the future.
Green Moor Primary was noted during a recent Ofsted inspection as being highly innovative and a key strength in the School of Education provision. Since then, the team has continued to develop it so that it now brings expertise from across the Faculty into the learning environment.
Green Moor Primary School
Preparing trainee teachers